Utilising the experience of our advisors and directors we have identified an exciting new-patented technology, to aid the early diagnosis and treatment of Asthma and also many upper respiratory tract infections (such as Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, SARS and Bird Flu) as well as metabolic conditions, called the ‘Exhaled Breath Temperature (EBT) device’ or “X-halo”.

The “X-halo” was assigned into DMI in September 2006 from the Inventors Professor Todor Popov and Professor Stephan Dunev. DMI will provide the necessary funding required over the next period enabling commercialisation of this new, unique and exciting technology. Development work has been completed.

DMI has appointed Mourad Mankarios (ex-Managing Director and CEO of Philips Electronics Singapore) to the board as a non-executive director. Mr. Mankarios brings years of experience at the top level of an internationally operating Fortune 500 company to bear upon DMI. His expertise in strategic management of technology-based companies together with his broad network of contacts will be of great assistance to the growth of DMI.

Philips Electronics Singapore (Research and Design) under contract with DMI, conducted extensive research and design to produce the award winning X-HALO.
Currently DMI is carrying out clinical studies globally to quantify the advantages of the device further with leading scientists. The results of this work will be published in top medical journals and be presented at international symposia during 2009. A summary of all completed on-going and planned studies is available on request.

The “X-halo” was launched at the European Respiratory Society meeting in Berlin in October 200v.

DMI has also identified a second device that is currently undergoing stringent due diligence and if the outcome is positive this device will be added to the DMI product portfolio.
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