“Sometimes people ask me what field I'd be in if not computers. I think I'd be working in biotechnology. I expect to see breathtaking advances in medicine over the next two decades, and biotechnology researchers and companies will be a the centre of that progress”
Bill Gates

Hundreds of thousands of people every day benefit from biotechnology, life-changing improvements that will become even more significant given the global trend and healthcare demands of an ageing population.

Increasing standards of living have created the expectation of high-quality healthcare, driving strong growth throughout the global Healthcare industry, an industry now estimated to be valued at USD$1.3 Trillion dollars – making it a dominant force in the world's economic climate. Within Healthcare, “pharmaceuticals” is one of the world's largest industries, attracting sales in excess of USD$600 Billion per year.

The fastest growing category within the healthcare sector over the next decade is projected to be biotechnology.

“Biotechnology is delivering on its promises, and the sector's leading
companies now rank among the top therapeutic companies in the world.
Rivalling and oftenexceeding past benchmarks, the sector's financial
performance allows companies to focus on bringing products to market
and proves that biotechnology is maturing and realising its tremendous
Source 2005 Global Biotechnology Report: Ernst & Young

Investors in Healthcare benefit from the sector being ‘non-cyclical' and historically resistant to recession. The demand for healthcare products and services does not abate either seasonally or as a result of the economic climate.
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